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At the heart of Real Talk Goods’ mission lies a love for people and the passions that light them up.

Behind many of our collections of home goods and apparel is an intention to inspire conversation and connection. Our family-owned business aspires to spark joy into your life and give you an excuse to talk about things you love and care about. And let’s be real- who doesn’t want to do that?!

We believe joy can be found in simple things. Maybe joy looks like catching up with a friend over coffee and sharing common interests or maybe joy is cozying up in a comfy sweatshirt. Whatever that looks like in your life, we hope to share more of it!

Until then, welcome to our virtual abode! We hope you find something that lights you up while you’re here.


Your Real Talk Family

Meet Maddie

As a Mama, wellness practitioner, and photographer, you could say I wear many hats. Welcoming our second son in 2022 and “starting over” as a work-from-home-mom left me dreaming of a long- awaited creative outlet that didn’t take more time away from my kids. Starting Real Talk Goods allowed me to further  weave together passions in both my personal and professional life. 

Real talk: It feels surreal to be here sharing this part of my heart and home with you. You see, there was a point in my life in which I didn’t think I’d be here today. Chapters in my story involves overcoming significant physical and mental health issues in early motherhood. While I did not know it at the time, this journey was the catalyst that propelled me forward into the holistic health space. Years later, I started working with other women to improve their own well-being. Time and time again, the significance of things like connection with others and being able to have honest conversation (aka “real talk”) was highlighted in the journeys of those moving towards greater well-being. Also, I always wanted to find gifts for folks in this health space, including other wellness-enthusiasts, and always came up short. So I decided to make my own!

Coming from a place of struggling to leave my house in the mornings to where I’m at now- here, sharing parts of my heart and home with you through Real Talk Goods- is just incredible. Being grateful hardly does the feeling justice but I’m incredibly thankful that you’re here. 



Looking for a reason to talk about your passion? Now you’ve got one!

Talk to me collection

With a variety of topics to choose from, this collection gives you the chance to showcase and strike up conversation about it! All while sipping your favorite beverage…